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Dr. Malik Style: Corporate,author Dr Malik is a distinguished, high-profile and well known Solicitor. He holds BA, LLB, MSc and three MAs and a Doctorate. He also qualified as a Barrister in Law and as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales and as a Journalist (The London School of Journalism).  Dr Malik worked as a journalist for several years. His outstanding legal career spans a period of over 20 years and he has worked in different areas of law including Human Rights, Immigration and Commercial law.  Currently he is the CEO of a prestigious and leading Human Rights and Immigration Law Firm, in London. He is an established author and has published titles in the field of law, business and self-help.

Dr Malik is the author of several best-selling books on the subjects of law and business.  He has advised over 20,000 individuals during his legal career and has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows, where he as advised on legal issues. Dr Malik is also CEO of a leading Human Rights and Immigration law firm. Currently he appears on several weekly shows on SKY where he continues to advise on legal issues.

Dr Malik has been awarded numerous awards for his work in law and in the community and has featured in various print media where his work, talent, skills and ideas have been featured.  He has fluency in several Indian subcontinent languages including Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Mirpurri and Gujrathi as well as Persian and Arabic. His work has been commended by high-profile celebrities and organisations and he has been awarded many awards honouring his work. He remains an ardent philanthropist supporting various charities to enhance the well being of others.1680

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Think Like a Millionaire
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    Dr Malik

Think like a Millionaire and become one by: Dr Malik £2.99 The previous edition of this book called Top Tips to Become a Millionaire was a huge success as well as his notable book, Asian Millionaires and how they make their money , also published by DirectMillion.

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